Discover the different faces of Brittany

Close to the Roulottes des Korrigans, or a little further away, Brittany is rich in attractions! We present you with a non-exhaustive list of places not to be missed during your visit with us. We hope that, like us, you will be sensitive to the multiple faces of Brittany!

Your place of stay, Brasparts and the Yeun Elez

Brasparts is a village full of history and stories, whose chapel is to be seen! You will stay in a quiet and pleasant setting, while being just a stone's throw from the town centre on a hilly site.
Brasparts will be the starting point of your geographical and legendary discovery desires.
You can follow the route of the parish enclosures or that of the artists, walk, ride a horse, ride a donkey, ride a mountain bike...

The multitude of festivities which animate the Centre Finistère, will allow you to discover the festive spirit of the region, from the most traditional to the most modern.

Walk the trails of the Yeun ElezThis is a land of legends and mysteries and a paradise for hikers. In the land of the "Hydrangea King", the flora will surprise you in every season with its constantly changing palette of colours.
But beware! In the centre of green Brittany, the little people of the Korrigans are keeping watch...

Sites megalithic and others curiosities

Brittany is known for its menhirs, carried on the back by a famous Gaul... But there are many other stone curiosities, like the covered alley of Mougauin Commana, the flax troughs at Chaos du Mardoul in Kermarc or the Ti ar Boudiged in Brenillis, that is to say "the house of the goblins". Tradition has it that they come out of their house at nightfall and lead all travellers lost in the heart of the Monts d'Arrée in a hellish round until dawn...

The Valley of the Saintsin Carnoët

This intriguing site is worth a visit! Over a vast area, monumental sculptures in Breton granite overlook you. True promotion of the Breton culture linked to the many Breton saintsThis place, full of mystery, will eventually house 1000 statues. Stroll between the sculptures, observe every detail and discover the extraordinary stories of these saints like no other!

Vue de la Vallée des Saints

The Finistère

In our beautiful department of Finistère alone, there are countless places to visit and the landscapes are varied and spectacular. Cities with historical charm, coastal landscapes or geological curiosities, you will be enchanted by our beautiful Finistère! Visit the cities of Locronan, Concarneau or even Camaretdiscover the amazing parish enclosure of Pleybentake a breath of fresh air at the Pointe du Raz and the Pointe du Van or go in search of the little people in the strange rocks of Huelgoat !

From small charming cities to explore!

Visit the historic streets of Locronan, the walled city of Concarneau or the pretty port of Camaret!

Vue aérienne de Concarneau


Vue de Locronan


Vue de la ville de Camaret


L'enclos paroissial de Pleyben

Pleyben and its parish enclosure

Close to the Roulottes des Korrigans and Brasparts is Pleyben, a pretty little town to discover. Its main asset? Its remarkable parish enclosure, built between the 15th and 17th centuries. In addition to the church of Saint-Germain-L'Auxerrois, Pleyben also has several chapels that are worth a visit.

L'enclos paroissial de Pleyben

Huelgoata geological curiosity

Dive into the mysterious world of the Huelgoat forest. Many Celtic legends have their source there, because of its strange heaps of stone blocks and its very special atmosphere. Will you dare to go down into the Devil's Cave? Will you manage to move the Trembling Rock? Discover some extraordinary rocks as you go!

Discover more about the Huelgoat forest

A breath of fresh air in the Pointe du Raz and the Pointe du Van !

At the westernmost tip of France, discover the fantastic panoramas offered by the Pointe du Van and the Pointe du Raz! Take a walk and enjoy the sea air, between moor and ocean, in the heart of true masterpieces of nature.

Finistère and Brittany in general are an endless source of wonder. The coastal areas follow each other but are not alike, the towns and villages offer many attractions, between culture, history and legends and the hiking trails are endless! Stroll through the streets of Quimper or Pont-Aven, explore our coasts and forests, enjoy the local gastronomy, take advantage of the water activities and beaches... We are sure that like us, you will fall in love with our beautiful region!

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice.